Special Products


Municipal, Public School, College and Hospital Funding

  • Tax exempt interest rates
  • Interest rates on a tax-exempt lease are much lower than taxable financing
  • Available to public sector institutions
  • Public schools
  • Public and county hospitals
  • State and community colleges and universities
  • Municipalities
  • State governments

Capital Budget Considerations

Leasing accomodates unexpected capital equipment needs which may not have been budgeted.


Non-Appropriation language can be included in the lease documentation when required.

Construction Financing

Construction Financing can be included in a long-term lease with interest only during the construction period.

Municipal-Leasing vs. Bond Financing

Municipal leases are often much less expensive and administratively simpler than floating a bond issue.

Transportation Equipment Financing

TRAC Leases – Low rate tax oriented leases for motor vehicles.

A TRAC Lease, authorized by the Deficet Deduction Act of 1984,  allows the Lessee of a motor vehicle to obtain the very low rates of a true tax lease with the benefit and certainty of a fixed end position.

Who can use TRAC's?

Any trade or business that needs to acquire a motor vehicle.

What type of equipment is eligible for a TRAC?

Motor vehicles used in a trade or business, such as trucks, truck tractors, trailers, automobiles and buses.

How does a TRAC Lease work?

General Funding, or its asignee, is the lessor and retains the depreciation. THIS OFFERS A MUCH  LOWER MONTHLY PAYMENT to the Lessee.  At the end of the lease,  the TRAC allows the Lessee to purchase the equipment for an agreed upon amount or return it to the Lessor.

Relocation Financing

  • Financing  for all types of equipment associate with physical releocations.
  • Extended approvals until move is complete.
  • Financing for interstate moves and multiple locations.
  • Deferred or reduced payments until move is complete.
  • Understanding of cash flow demands of physical relocations.

Auction Financing

  • Obtain pre-approval from General Funding
  • Written pre-approval submitted to and accepted by auctioneer in lieu of cash payment.
  • Lease documents executed with General Funding immediately.
  • Equipment is usually available immediately.

Lease and Debt Consolidation

  • Lowers monthly payment
  • Strengthens company balance sheet
  • Enhances ability to acquire productive equipment
  • Utilizes equity in existing equipment
  • Eliminates multiple funding source confusion
  • Lowers monthly administrative costs
  • Enhances ability to acquire future financing