Success Stories

$450,000 – for a promotional exhibit trailer for entrepreneurial company with no previous borrowing or leasing. The transaction was approved based on a large, signed contract bringing in substantial new business


$2,400,000 – of plant equipment for a manufacturer of molded parts. The customer had previously experienced financial difficulty. General Funding refinanced existing equipment to provide a working capital infusion.


$1,500,000 – of medical equipment for the school of medicine of a university. The university, previously qualified with General Funding for a very low tax advantage municipal lease rates. General Funding’s rate beat all national bidders and the transaction was approved and documented in one day. General Funding’s prompt action saved a large governmental research grant.


$48,000 – for a CNC mill to make aluminum castings. The customer’s bank wanted a 25% down payment. General Funding approved the transaction and financed 100%.


$32,000 – of office equipment for a home healthcare provider. General Funding worked closely with the lessee and streamlined documentation of reimbursable costs for Medicare purposes.


$5,500 – of office equipment for a non-profit state industry association. The monthly lease payments simplified monthly budgeting from member’s dues.